Fermented Turnip



  • 1 cabbage

    3-4 carrots (more carrots is better for extra juice)

    1 turnip (rutabaga)

    cumin seeds to taste

    salt to taste ( Celtic salt or Himalayan salt)

Chop all vegetables (you can use a food processor). In a mixing bowl combine all vegetables with salt and cumin seeds, and massage until vegetable juice comes out.

Add all the ingredients to your sterilized jar, pushing down as you go so that no air is trapped in the bottom of the jar. Keep pushing down as you add more vegetables until you pack everything really tightly into the jar. If you need add more water, so all vegetables covered with its own juice. Cover the jar with a tight lid.

Let the vegetables ferment in a room temperature for about 7-10 days. Once you're satisfied with your flavor, store in the refrigerator.



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