Water Kefir



  • 2 l filtered water

    2-4 T.s. sugar

    3-4 dried figs (or any other fruit)

    Water kefir grains (you can buy them online)

Add sugar into a water (always us a sterilised jar) and stir until dissolved. Add the kefir grains, sliced lemon, and dried figs. Cover with cheesecloth and let is stand at room temperature for 24-48 hours, until the kefir water develops a pleasant sour taste. Enjoy!

Kefir grains are an amazing symbiotic matrix of bacteria and yeast that work together to feed off the natural sugars (and sometimes proteins and fats too, especially in the case of milk kefir) found present in the sugar-water and dried fruits. The yeast and bacteria co-operate, making the nutrients that are inaccessible to one digested into accessible nutrients for the other. Yeasts break down the simple sugars like glucose and fructose, turning them into ethanol and acetic acid. Lactic and acid-producing bacteria (such as lactobacilli) convert sugars (such as sucrose) and complex carbohydrates (starches, etc) into simpler sugars and lactic acid. Lactic and acetic acids naturally preserve as well as stave off harmful foreign bacteria. The result is a drink that has had much of the sugar converted to simpler sugars, lactic and acetic acids, carbon dioxide and ethanol. It also contains millions of probiotics and is more nutritious in some regards because of the more bio-available and digestible nutrients from the sugars and dried fruits including an increase in vitamin C and many B vitamins.

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